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It is very interesting about Colonial Williamburg and was created in 1997.

I love to travel and to explore different places around the world. Here are pictures of some of my favorite countries that I have visited so far. One day I hope to travel all over the world and visit every continent. To start off, here is a video of Iceland. I went there with my family last summer and absolutely loved it. Iceland's nature is incredible!

Another country that I loved exploring was Italy. Rome is one of my favorite cities. There is so much to do. I love the rich history that it has with historical landmarks almost on every corner. Here is a picture of a time I visted Rome, Italy. This picture was taken by the Trevi Fountain.

This picture was taken in Marseille, France. This city has incredible panoramic views.

The next photo is of the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I took this picture when I visited United Arabic Emirates during winter break. However, this picture is original because it is a screenshot of the actual picture that I took. This country was the most exotic one that I had a chance to visit. It seemed like a completely different world out there. I loved learning more about the culture and their traditions.

Sources: You Tube --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_gObm-lXDg

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